Choosing Between a Solarium and a Sunroom for Your Fremont, Milpitas, or Palo Alto, CA, Home

SolariumIf you’re adding an outdoor living space to your Fremont, Milpitas, or Palo Alto, CA, home, you’ll need to tell your contractor whether you’d like a solarium, a conservatory, or another type of sunroom altogether. While each style serves the same general purpose, each one can bring a different “feel” to your space.

Solariums are one of the most popular options, thanks to their luxurious yet modern design. Traditionally, a solarium features an all-glass roof, which lets in more natural light than a standard sunroom. Additionally, solarium windows run from the floor to the ceiling, allowing you to enjoy more of nature’s beauty.

Sunrooms, on the other hand, are typically built with an opaque roof. They let in less light, but they are more heavily insulated. This makes them easier to keep cool during the summer.

While there is no right or wrong choice, homeowners in Fremont, Milpitas, and Palo Alto typically make their decision based on several different factors:

  • If your primary goal is to have an unobstructed view of the stars at night or the scenery during the day, a solarium is the better choice.
  • If you’re more concerned with having a comfortably cool space throughout the entire year, an insulated sunroom may be more appropriate.
  • If you’re looking for a modern structure with plenty of curb appeal, a solarium has a slight edge over a sunroom – yet either can be a beautiful addition to your home.

Here at Sunrooms N More, we proudly install outdoor living products from TEMO Sunrooms. Whether you’re looking for a traditional sunroom or a roomy solarium, we’ll help you find the perfect addition for your Fremont, Milpitas, or Palo Alto, CA, home.