Reasons to Own a Screen Room — Considerations for Homeowners in Santa Clara, Daly City, and Mountain View, CA

Screen RoomIf you’re considering a screen room for your Santa Clara, Daly City, or Mountain View, CA, home, you may be wondering if you’ll use it enough to justify the purchase. But, over time, you’ll find that there are many valuable reasons to invest in an outdoor living space like a screened in porch. Not only will this area be a perfect location for you to connect with your family, but it’s a great place to enjoy your alone time. Still weighing the benefits? Consider the following:

Your screen room can be your sanctuary.

In the midst of your hectic schedule, your screened in patio can be a safe haven for peace and quiet. Kick up your feet, close your eyes, and let yourself unwind. You won’t have to worry about the sun, rain, or the pesky insects; just lie back and enjoy some much-needed relaxation.

Your screen room can encourage you to entertain.

When you host dinner parties and barbecues now, where do your guests gravitate to? By adding a sunroom or a screened in patio enclosure, you’ll have the perfect central location to grill up gourmet hamburgers or pour a drink for your friends. It’s a simple way to turn your Santa Clara, Daly City, or Mountain View, CA, home into a hotspot for social get-togethers!

Your screen room can provide you with extra square footage.

If you’ve been looking to expand your home, a patio addition is a great alternative to adding a new bedroom. Not only will you get an increase in usable square footage at a more palatable price, but there’s a good chance that your new patio enclosure will become the most popular room in the house.

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